2020 Summer League COVID-19 Impacts

As with personal, professional, and educational life, the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted athletic activities. The play, postponement, or cancellation of the Buffalo Ultimate Summer League for this year will depend on a balance of factors.

USA Ultimate, our sanctioning body and facilitator of insurance coverage, has advised of the following: “We announced the cancellation or postponement of all USA Ultimate-sanctioned activity through May 10 based on earlier guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And while no further date-specific recommendations have been made by the CDC since, advice was issued to parks and recreation administrators earlier this week encouraging organizers to postpone sporting events during times in which individuals are encouraged or required to practice social distancing. With the federal government having deferred decisions about how to best combat the spread of the Coronavirus to individual states, and with no specific national recommendations in place that extend beyond May 10, we are not canceling or postponing any additional events at this time. With separate states imposing vastly different stay-at-home orders ranging from mid-June to none at all, and varying health and safety recommendations, we are instead going to work in conjunction with local event organizers to make decisions that are compliant with state and local ordinances and guidelines and facility policies. We will only sanction activity (tournaments, tryouts, practices, clinics, etc.) after May 10 with express, written assurance from local organizers that any and all laws or guidelines intended to keep communities safe from the exposure to, or spread of, the Coronavirus will be adhered to without exception and that permission has been granted from all relevant, local authorities, if applicable. Failure to adhere to any part of a written agreement will affect future sanctioning decisions.

Please check back for updates as they become available.

Stay safe, and I hope to see you all out on the fields again soon.