What if I can’t make it to all of the games?

No problem. Teams are designed with plenty of extra players so that if you miss a night or two the game will go on. While attendance is appreciated its not mandatory, some people miss as many as half of the games.

I’d like to be on a team with my friends. – or – I don’t know anyone else who is playing.

You will be able to select another player as your “pair” when you register. If the selection is reciprocated, we’ll make every effort to put you on the same team. While Ultimate players are a friendly bunch, we understand starting a new sport might be intimidating. So you’re welcome (but not required) to list a familiar face, just be sure they list you as well.

I’ve never played before, can I try it out for a night or two?

Lots of people have not played before. Since we’re trying to make balanced teams and for insurance reasons all players have to be registered and submit a waiver to play.

What should I bring to the games?

  • Running shoes, preferably soccer cleats
  • Water
  • A white shirt and a shirt in you teams color
  • a snack (optional)