Winter League

Check back in the fall for 2017/2018 registration

Please contact Dave Schneggenburger at with any questions.


  • Payment via check payable to Jack Kavanaugh or cash or PayPal to (if you have any questions about the money or where it goes, feel free to contact me)
  • Your waiver (same form active USA Ultimate members or for single event participants); Please note that your Winter League or Summer League payment does not also serve as your annual dues for USA Ultimate membership
  • Water/Sports Drink
  • Athletic clothing
  • Cleats or turf shoes are recommended
  • White shirt AND a dark shirt (don’t bring a gray shirt)


As most of you know, Ultimate is founded on the concept of Spirit of the Game. Respect for your opponents, the rules, and the sport is paramount when playing Ultimate. Moreover, participants must consider the ‘Spirit of the Summer League’ as an event that encourages participation of players at all levels and experiences.  The vast majority of people who have enrolled to play during the summer self-identify as relatively new to the sport or at an intermediate level.  All players should remain vigilant to identify and address circumstances (volitional or unintended) that unfairly impact on-field competition, on-field cooperation within teams and balance of playing time.  During the summer session, the those persons who come to the group with ‘elite’ skills and experience should strive to be elite ambassadors and teachers of the game.

The league organizers reserve the right to remove anyone from the league who does not exhibit fair play, integrity, and Spirit of the Game or of the League.


Unfortunately, players not registered with the league are not allowed to play. This is because of USA Ultimate sanctioning guidelines and because of insurance requirements.


Before knowing how many women are assigned per team, it is difficult to have a set gender ratio. Captains are encouraged to coordinate with one another at the time of the game to balance play for both teams and genders.


All games are played to 15 with a mirror half at 8. If neither team reaches 15 points, the game is over after one hour. Team captains should agree to a hard or soft cap to the game if loss of daylight becomes a factor.


Games start promptly at the appointed time each week. Please arrive early.


One per half and one floater per team. Please use them sparingly as our field time is limited.


If there is inclement weather during the day and games are cancelled, the league will attempt to place a timely notice on the website and issue a notification.