Spring Is Almost Here

Just a quick winter check-in. Spring is almost upon us and I’m sure everyone is getting geared up for better weather and Ultimate season. Pickup games will resume once weather permits. Lake Effect club team and Summer League will also be starting up in the not too distant future. Check back for updates on all three!

2 thoughts on “Spring Is Almost Here

  1. I’ll be visiting Buffalo from July 1-20… Staying at Greiner Hall at University at Buffalo. Will there be pickup games near there during that time? I won’t have a car, but willing to figure out the bus/bike system. Cheers, PONZ

  2. PONZ, pickup will be on Tuesdays at Nokomis Park in Cheektowaga. The pickup page now includes all of the latest information. Also, the club team practices at UB on Mondays and I doubt they would have a problem if you wanted to pop in.

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